September 30, 2022

Gabriel Jesus offered to Real Madrid -report

Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus has been offered to both Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid, according to a report from Cadena SER’s Anton Meana. Jesus’ agents have reached both clubs, explaining that the player would seek a €5 million/year contract.

Atletico de Madrid have rejected the idea of signing Gabriel Jesus, while Real Madrid would apparently be interested in the Brazilian striker, per that same report. However, Gabriel Jesus is a non-EU player and that would make things quite difficult for Los Blancos. Vinicius, Rodrygo and Militao are still non-EU players and while Vinicius is about to get his Spanish passport, Gabriel Jesus could not be registered as a Real Madrid player until that happens, given that clubs can only have three non-EU players on their rosters.

Gabriel Jesus makes sense for Real Madrid, as he’s good enough to replace Karim Benzema when needed. His contract expires in 2023, so he would not be an expensive signing. Furthermore, he’s still 25 years old, so he could potentially be Madrid’s starter when Benzema enters his decline or retires, at least until Los Blancos find another world-class striker.

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